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You’ve always wanted to be a producer of a blockbuster ? Lead the direction on set ? Now you have the chance. Well, your films will probably not be blockbusters…

Our cinema activity gathers 4 themes: “Caméra Café”, Silent movie, fantasy film, and comics/cartoons.

Replay some famous movies, like E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, King Kong, The Artist, Charlie Chaplin, Tintin, Astérix…


Starting from a simplified approach on how to make a film, participants learn the basics to write a short film script, in order to master improvisation and spontaneous comedy techniques, and then to discover the early stages of film making rules.

Your collaborators evolve around the film director and shoot different sequences of their scenario.



You have always wanted to know how these movies were made ?

Do not miss it; let’s make your own sets, special effects and scenario for a shoot in a very original place.

Participants will learn the cinema basics with the help of our professional instructors, this team building aims to make people think and create in a limited time.

Sound effects, music, decor, character in resin, smoke, rain, shadows, etc … All the magic and tricks are gathered in the service of imagination and action.



A specialist is waiting for you on a film set to dress you up and to put you in condition.

Actions, suspense, seduction keep rolling at an incredible pace, to give an amazing sight a few minutes later.

A broadcast will be organized so that all participants can enjoy, together, an unforgettable moment.


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